The Ana B’Koach Prayer: How to Ascend Consciously

Saying the Ana B’Koach Prayer out loud opens and prepares one’s vessel for receiving and downloading the Creator’s Light, which is the fuel needed for them to access their full potential and seize the day. Each day you must do this because each day your soul’s energy resets. Each day you wake up a new person that is spiritually stronger than who you were yesterday. Each new day brings with it a new opportunity for you to reach your full potential. Click on the video link at the end of this article to hear Isaac recite this powerful Kabbalah prayer.

For you to connect to the consciousness of each line of the prayer at its seed level you must focus and meditate on the first letter of each word at the beginning of each row connecting you to the energy of the corresponding sefirah.

The first letter of the word located at the beginning of each line encompasses the overall seed of consciousness to connect to, which kickstarts the soul’s ascension.

- Line 1 begins with the letter Aleph, which draws down desire from the astral realm and binds it with the material. The letter Aleph looks like a person who is raising one of their hands high in the air and the other hand pointing down to the ground. Aleph, corresponding with Chesed, portrays the act of asking to receive Light from above so they can manifest it in the material world, and therefore act as a channel for the Light. The material world of Malchut has no Light of its own. Humans are just one of the many channels the Creator uses for spreading its Light here on earth. For an individual, asking to receive in order for them to be able to share is a humbling act.

- Line 2 begins with the letter Qoph, which taps into the Source of one’s desire and hoping for it to be the best version of itself. Qoph, corresponding with Gevurah, reflects a strong desire to tap into one’s full potential in order for them to achieve success while overcoming adversity. Qoph/Koph connects you to the koach, meaning potential.

- Line 3 begins with the letter Nun, meaning fish and alluding to swimming freely like a fish, and thus freeing the mind of any and all limiting thoughts. Think outside the box and open yourself to receiving out-of-the-box ideas and inspiration, allowing you to tap into the limitlessness of the Creator’s intelligence and insight. Line 3, corresponding to Tiferet, opens our heart chakra to receiving godly advice. When we open our ears, we open our heart. Think above and outside of your own limitations while you listen for the Creator’s still small voice. Know that it is from this higher realm where all of your inspiration comes from.

- Line 4 begins with the letter Bet, meaning house. Whereas the human body acts as a vessel that houses the soul. Mentally prepare your soul to inhabit or house the Light of the Creator. Open yourself up to receiving the Light. Line 4 corresponds with Netzah, which encompasses the overall feeling of harmony. Create that warm feeling you get when you arrive back at your home and back to your personal sanctuary away from the outside world.

- Line 5 begins with the letter Chet, meaning fence. This alludes to the protective shield or armor we place around us, which is like a stone wall we build up around ourselves to keep our Light within. Our Light should be held sacred, and this protective layer surrounds our being blocking out any negativity from getting in. This line corresponds with Hod, meaning glory, brilliance. The life-force energy we keep held inside our vessel builds up a strong spiritual tower within our being. We must keep this energy, this self-esteem, sacred and protect it, respect it, honor it, and keep it private. This energy is not secret, it is simply considered to be sacred. We do not allow just anyone in, and we never feel the need to impress others by showing off or boasting about our plans or how much self-esteem we have.

- Line 6 begins with the letter Yod. Yod is the spark of life at the beginning of all creation. It looks like a small fiery flame. And as the old adage goes, “Big things come from small beginnings”. This Yod placed on line 6 corresponds to the sefirah Yesod, which acts as a bridge between Binah and Malchut, from the upper worlds down into the manifest. It is linked to the concept of generation and procreation regarding the way thoughts transcend into form. For this connection, picture yourself striking a matchstick or lighter. This flame will be used to light the metaphorical candelabra which will light up your entire house/vessel, which allows you to see all of your inner glory and beauty which will overwhelm you with an overall feeling of comfort and serenity.

- Line 7 begins with the letter Shin which just so happens to look like a three-candle candelabra. The same exact candelabra lit by the Yod from line 6. This Shin lights up the entire vessel, providing it with warmth and light. When the Light enters the vessel, it pushes out the darkness. This allows the entire vessel, which contains all its chakras and sefirot, to release any negativity that is preventing it from radiating its shine. Now that the vessel has been cleared of all negativity, the soul is able to vibrate at a much higher frequency. Line 7, the final row in the Ana B’Koach prayer, corresponds to Malchut, known as the kingdom where all things manifest. After having said this prayer, the individual becomes a channel for the Light; a conduit who draws down Light from the upper worlds and brings it down to earth. And thus, creates a heaven on earth.

The final line (spoken immediately after the prayer) begins with the letter Bet, meaning house. This line is supposed to be whispered to one’s self. This final phrase spoken seals in the energy you have just elevated within your vessel. It is as if you are sealing up your house — the vessel your soul inhabits.

Imagine a world where every individual said this prayer at the start of their day.

“We can make the world a better place simply by becoming better versions of ourselves. The world becomes better one person at a time.” — Karen Berg, founder of the Kabbalah Centre International

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Ana B’Koach Prayer interpretation by Grant Isaac, author of The Tarot Decoded: Raziel’s Interpretation available at , , , and on multiple book seller websites worldwide.



An adept revealing all the tarot secrets and mysteries that have been concealed for far too long. Author of “The Tarot Decoded: Raziel’s Interpretation”.

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Grant Isaac Tarot

An adept revealing all the tarot secrets and mysteries that have been concealed for far too long. Author of “The Tarot Decoded: Raziel’s Interpretation”.