The Star, The Moon, and The Sun Tarot Cards’ Connection

These three cards are all sources of light. The Star, the Moon, and the Sun all provide light to our world in their own way. The speed of light is approximately 186,000 miles per sec. At the earth’s surface, the nominal value of the solar constant is 137 mW/cm2. The solar constant is the rate at which energy reaches the earth’s surface from the sun. This 137 mill watts per square centimeter value corresponds to high noon with the sun directly overhead giving direct light. Number 137 is the Hebrew numerical value for the word Kabbalah, which means ‘to receive.’ And what do we receive? The Light. This is a clue that it takes only the speed of light in order to connect to the light within Kabbalah.

Another connection to the number 186 is found within these three cards. First, add up the Roman numerals on each card. The Star is number 17, the Moon is number 18, and the Sun is number 19, which equal the sum of 54. Then we count all the light sources in each card. The 8 eight-pointed stars in the Star card equal 64 rays. There are 21 Sun rays in the Sun card. The Moon card has 32 rays emitting from the moon, and then there are the 15 Yods, which are fiery flames (perceived as stars in the sky here), located directly below the moon’s rays. All these add up to being 132 sources of light, plus the sum of all three tarot cards that contain the light sources, which is 54, equaling a sum total of 186; the speed of light.

Yod’s throughout the tarot have a great significance. Counting the Yods always gives a deeper understanding and important insight into the hidden mysteries within each card. The Hebrew letter Yod means Hand. Yod is considered the starting point of the presence of God in all things. Yod is the spark of the spirit in everything. There are a total of 78 Yod’s hidden throughout the tarot, which coincidentally is the exact number of cards in the tarot deck.

And they are:

Ace of Cups = 26 Yod’s

Tower = 22

Moon = 15

Ace of Wands = 8

Ace of Swords = 6

A total of 77 Yod’s.

Where is the final Yod? Yod is the Hebrew letter associated with the Hermit, who is depicted here as the face in the moon. He is the personification of Yod. And he holds the final hidden Yod to be unveiled. Now, when considering the Hermit as one of the tarot’s Yod’s, we get a total of 78.

Yod means hand, and it is just as important to count the hands as it is to count the Yod’s. The outcome will always give way to a deeper understanding of the hidden mysteries. For instance, there are exactly 186 hands in the tarot deck, (this includes only the human-like hands of the gods, angels, and humans). In the Major Arcana cards there are a total of 26 hands that are depicted holding a tool of some kind. This is the same as well for the Minor Arcana cards that also have a total of 26 hands holding a tool of some sort. The numerical value of YHVH, Yahweh, the holy name of God, is 26. So out of the 186 hands, 26 of them are holding a type of tool (26 hands in the Minor Arcana and 26 hands in the Major Arcana). This is a clue that by applying your hands on the tarot cards they are to be used as a tool connecting you to the Light of God the Creator (at the speed of light).

-Grant Isaac



An adept revealing all the tarot secrets and mysteries that have been concealed for far too long. Author of “The Tarot Decoded: Raziel’s Interpretation”.

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Grant Isaac Tarot

An adept revealing all the tarot secrets and mysteries that have been concealed for far too long. Author of “The Tarot Decoded: Raziel’s Interpretation”.